Brace for the Journey ๐ŸŽข

Although I was occupied with life, work, family and a relation that came to an end last year, I was continuously brainstorming on how to take Taste of Jordan further. Now, I feel it is the right time to kick start from a new destination I call home.

Living in Abu Dhabi is overwhelming. An international city by all means, a different environment of what Amman, and Jordan is about. The city which I grew to love and get my grounds around, exploring bits and pieces of what it offers, and yet, not being rightful enough to familiarize with its beauty. Far from the locality and the support that Taste of Jordan stands for and the community that I believe I brought together in Amman, The Abu Dhabi series is a mere of continuation for my passion for writing, food, culture and tourism.

In this series, I will allow you to explore Abu Dhabi through my eyes. I will take you around the city, introducing you to my favourite spots and let you taste the city the way I do, whether you are a resident, a tourist, or a passer by for the day. Brace yourself for a journey full of great locations, delicious food and outstanding views.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is The Abu Dhabi Series brought to by Taste of Jordan!



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