The Recipe Book: Halawa Pancakes

A twist on a traditional snack of dipping bread with tahini paste and grape molasses; it is the Arabic version of peanut butter and jelly. In this recipe chef Karmah adds halawa to oatmeal pancake batter for a nutritious breakfast option.


  • Pancake Batter
  • 60gr halawa
  • 30gr oatmeal
  • 30gr flour
  • 250gr milk
  • 50gr egg
  • 1gr baking powder
  • 1gr baking soda
  • pinch of salt


  • Scale out all ingredients
  • Heat milk, oatmeal and halawa in a pan
  • When oatmeal is soft, hand blend then add remaining ingredients
  • Heat a non-stick Teflon pan and add some butter or oil, and cook the pancakes


  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Tahini Paste
  • Grape Molasses

Enjoy with drizzled tahini paste, molasses and fruits.


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