Meet the author: Sinan Gharaibeh

April 2014, I started the local food blog  Taste of Jordan to create worldwide awareness about the hidden culinary jewels of The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. Being the founder and creative writer, I realized the potential in the promising culinary market as unique ventures were emerging to the surface utilizing locally sourced ingredients and talents. The ventures I come across and the talented individuals I meet whether as professional chefs, graphic designers, lawyers, senior managers or passionate amateurs walk the extra mile to turn their dreams into reality. A memorable experience is a promise of what those individuals take on themselves with the hard work and devotion they place in designing and delivering their products and services. A true celebration of senses and flavors!


Serving as an inflight chef for First Class guests at the aviation giant Etihad Airways, I am keeping up with my mission by remotely supporting the local community 2,000Km away from home. The Culinary Arts Diploma I was granted from The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts along with the exposure that my job offers strengthened my culinary experience and allowed me to develop a distinctive culinary taste while the background of Biomedical Engineering and my vast experience of 6 years combined in sales, culinary and hospitality adds a unique dimension to the contents’ spirit. Etihad’s international complexity is a learning environment where I seek every opportunity for development and growth. The connection with different cultures, personalities and professional backgrounds are a vital aspect that influence my social and communication skills and allow for continuous coaching and guidance that I strive for.

First class service & hospitality trainer Ludwig and myself at the Etihad Airways Innovation Center

Prepare your coffee, hot cup of tea or your favorite beverage and enjoy browsing Taste of Jordan for what my beloved country has to offer!

Sinan Gharaibeh: Founder, Creative Writer


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